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trying to assign a Linked request to a team member selected via task answer


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Hi Guys - we are using the Log Request node to log a new ticket, and we'd like to assign this ticket based on a task previously completely in the process.

in our task we have 2x Hornbill User Picker fields  for team and for analyst, but with both of these populated the ticket is still not being assigned correctly? so if i pick myself as the analyst its adding me as a member to the ticket, but is just assigning it to our reception queue, rather than myself in the escalation queue.

i previously had the team and owner fields as fixed entries in the Log Request node and this worked ok, its only since i start referencing the task answers that this process stopped working.

i have a get request info node right before the Log Request node, but i cant find a Get task answers node, but it lets me reference the task all ok in the variable picker,

any thoughts?










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When troubleshooting anything involving a variable my first step is to post the variable you are using (and if they exist, any available alternatives - e.g. User/Team Name and User/Team ID) to the Timeline so you can see what the actual values are.

You can then compare those values to what the Node Parameter es expecting (via the (i) tooltop or the blue Help icon on the Node config) to see if they match.

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thanks Steve - ive set the logging but i reckon you've given me the answer anyway :)


it looks like the field is looking for the team ID, not the team display name - which is what the user group picker outputs


both match if you were to set the team field to manual (as it lets you pick using the display names)


many thanks 



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