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Updating a Custom Field with the value of a Capture Task Field


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I have configured a task with a capture task field in it which works lovely.  I then want to export the value of this field to Custom Field Q.  I've tried 2 different ways neither of which seem to work for some reason. 

I tried setting the field ID for the capture task field to h_custom_q - didn't work

So I've now tried to use an update custom field node, pulling in the answer to the capture task field via a variable picker.  I've included and update timeline node purely to test if custom Q has been populated but it still comes back as blank. 




the variable in this field is &[functions.getTaskAnswers("task-8e8b6c91").field_1]

The Timeline update is configured....



Its output is...



Any ideas? Thanks


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Assuming functions.getTaskAnswers("task-8e8b6c91").field_1 has a value then you need a Get Request Details before outputting to timeline to refresh the workflow context data (variable values) after the custom field update. Mind you, the workflow is not using the data directly from the database it has it's own "cache" system (so to speak) which needs to be refreshed (e.g. with a Get Request Details) if the underlying data is changed (e.g. a custom field on a request is updated)

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