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Unable to amend existing sub statuses?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I am trying to amend the configuration in a global Active off hold setup, but although I can change the existing configuration it does not let me save the updated configuration? The below screen shot shows the items I have attempted to amend, but hitting Save does not save the changes (I have not checked changing all the fields just these highlighted ones)




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Hi James, yes we have supplier manager installed into our instance - i normally have the supplier option turned off, I was just trying to change different options in the config to see if it would accept the change. Unless it is not installed correctly? I know there was some reconfiguration around the ITOM install following a change, but I didn't see anything for Supplier Manager so this is just installed from the offered options


Many thanks



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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Just had a look.. I think the issue (based on your screenshot) is that you do not have a value in the "Alternative Customer Label"  field which has been made a required field in the updated admin view.  If you copy the contents of the name field into that field you should be able to save as needed.

Let me know if that helps.

Kind regards,


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