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Email notification of a ticket that has been escalated. So for example P2 to P1.

Adam Toms

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Hi all,

Is there some sort of global setting that we can enable which allows an email notification to go out to individuals, when an incident has been set and investigated at a lower priority but then realise it's a bigger issue so for example upgrading from a P2 to a P1 for example?

Or is this something we would need to add as an additional configuration inside our Incident Business Process Engine?

I'd be keen to know how others have this set up.

Many Thanks


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There isn't a setting - I'm not sure that would be practical unless you needed the same person/group notified regardless of what Service/CI was being escalated.

You could use Custom Buttons to achieve this by running an AutoTask, just remember to filter the button so you can't escalate a P1 to a P1, otherwise people will!


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