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Removing manually created activities from a board once done


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Morning all,

We have a process in place whereby once our 3rd party supplier confirms an e.t.a of one of their engineers our Analysts create a manual activity (from a template) detailing the engineer details and due time, they then also add the activity to a lane on a board. They can easily see what engineer visits they have in play for the shift they're currently on, big improvement for us. Once the engineer has attended, the analyst completes the activity. Our assumption was the relevant card in the lane would clear once the activity was completed/'done', however all that happens is the status changes, but remains on board. Our analysts are having to manually clear down the cards.

Is there something we're missing to streamline this? We did think of making use of the BPM somehow, but as the card has been manually created I'm guessing that's not an option?

Thanks as always

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@Steve Giller

These are being created as manual activities using a template - they are raised as required as part of a Request.   I've been trying to create an Auto-task to remove them, but can't figure out how to get the Card ID or activity ID. 

It feels like this should be simple, but the board doesn't seem to react to any actions on the activity.


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8 minutes ago, LouiseT said:

These are being created as manual activities

If they are created and added manually then they will need to be completed and removed manually.
Unless you have multiple Tasks from the same Request being placed on the board (from the description I can't see that being likely) then it would be better to add the Request to the Board via the BPM or an AutoTask, then you will have a reference available to remove it later.

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