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Finding out what Intelligent Caps and BPMS are in use

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Is there a way (potentially report?) to determine what Intelligent Captures and BPMS are currently assigned to a active catalog item and service, Or the last time they were run?
We have a lot of old items in the system and i would like to do a bit of a cleanout.


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Hi @yelyah.nodrog,

The data is stored in the h_itsm_service_catalog table - you will want to add a few filters as there are duplications for different languages/translations.

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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

I have attached a report I have you can upload that should give you this info. The one thing it doesn't have is the "Active" part - i.e. when you say active services, do you mean you have Services that are set to a state of Draft or Retired that you don't want to be in the report? 
This shows everything - so you may want to add some additional filtering to it based on what you define as being active. 

Hope it helps



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@Bob Dickinson Thanks for this Bob, Sorry I have only just had time to look at it. This gives me everything assigned to a service and catalogue item which is fab. (really helpful actually)

Is there a way I can flip it to see everything that isn't assigned to a service and catalogue item?

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