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  1. Hi @Jim, I am assuming that you are referencing the OData Query. If that is the case, please confirm (eg in ... ) that you are indeed getting back what you are expecting from InTune directly. There are a few known issues with InTune's OData implementation (i.e. one can't use startswith on the OS field and null queries are also shaky). I would personally recommend to not rely on the OData Query (yet) and do the filtering after the utility extracts the data using AdditionalFilters. Yes, that does mean that if you want to only process 2 items, all devices will be extracted up front. Inefficient, but it should work.
  2. Hi @EWA, As @Steve Giller stated regarding the import tools using the API Keys. If, however, you are planning your own development, then the developer will need to determine which endpoints (s)he wishes to use and once those endpoints are known, they can be set up as API Keys to restrict the API key to only those API endpoints which the development uses.
  3. Hi @Everton1878, I just ran the edge-case I suspected (issue with single asset) and I can rule that OUT A little stumped at the moment. You are using the latest version of the utility?
  4. @ilyaas, Could it be that the KeysafeKeyID in the configuration file is set as a string instead of an integer? "KeysafeKeyID": "123" whereas it should be: "KeysafeKeyID": 123 Note the missing set of double-quotes. I'm going by the source-code of the utility here and not by confirming it separately.
  5. Hi @Everton1878, You might be able to use the HornbillUserIDColumn property in the configuration file: https://docs.hornbill.com/data-imports-guide/assets/configuration
  6. Hi @Everton1878, Curious, because that is pretty much the resulting SQL. Are you sure you are not running with -dryrun? And how are you checking whether the asset still exists? If one leaves the browser open on the particular asset's details page, then a refresh (Ctrl-F5) will likely be required in order for the browser to know the asset doesn't exist anymore. Assuming you are affirmative on the above, could you please ensure the query results in at least TWO items...(*) (*) there's a very old edge-case which I am suspecting here. IF I have time this afternoon, I will run through this edge-case myself, but no promises.
  7. Hi @Everton1878, As mentioned above, I've had a look at the code. Could you please run the following on your system (using Database Direct) and let me know what the result is: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT a.h_pk_asset_id) AS count FROM h_cmdb_assets a JOIN h_cmdb_asset_types AS t ON (a.h_type = t.h_pk_type_id) JOIN h_cmdb_assets_computer AS ext ON a.h_pk_asset_id = ext.h_pk_asset_id WHERE t.h_class = 'computer' AND (TIMESTAMP(ext.h_last_logged_on) <= TIMESTAMP('2024-03-16 00:00:00'))
  8. Hi @Everton1878, I am pretty sure computer is not a valid Asset Class(*). I am quite sure you would need EITHER computerSystem OR AssetsComputer. The former is the more likely, but do please try the latter before you let us know of success (or not - and I will doublecheck the code). (*) I just checked the utility's documentation: it suggests computer should be OK. I'll double-check the code. ----- I have confirmed in code that the documentation IS correct and, thus, computer IS the correct Asset Class to be used here.
  9. Hi @ilyaas, could you please confirm that you have indeed used the API Key which is behind "contact import 2". If not, then add the API Key which you are using to that same list.
  10. Hi @Everton1878, h_last_logged_on is NOT a field/property of a generic (general) asset - it is located for computerSystem specific (or other Asset Class) isGeneralProperty needs to be set to false for this field.
  11. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone, Please confirm that you have actually placed your instance ID in the placeholder? Secondly, the preferred payload is now JSON - see also https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=XMLMC_API_Quickstart
  12. Hi @mmensah, You are trying to assign ownership to a TEAM and not to an individual. The owner of a Task should be an individual user. This user has the ability to do whatever necessary to the task (eg to re-assign the task), so probably best given to a manager or so (eg yourself or "System Administrator"). There is also a "Task Assignment" which is who is WORKING on the Task. I suspect that that is what you want to use here, as that CAN be a Team. Currently you have that assigned to "System Administrator". If you select "Assign to Variable" from the dropdown currently labeled "Assign to User", then place the TeamId variable there, then that should work.
  13. @Berto2002, please have a look at the following: https://github.com/hornbill/goEmailArchiver (check the documentation linked to in the README file) One can run the archiver and chuck the archived files.
  14. @Gareth Cantrell Under which parent object is "FieldDataItems" (or "Object" displaying)? "ComputerSystemInventory"? Other? Could you please respond with a FULL sample payload (obviously obscure the necessary data), and not just the branch of interest in this.
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