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  1. Hi @samwoo, When I run [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol I get "SystemDefault" returned. From what I gather this is defined in a registry entry specific to the .Net framework in use. So, I would gather that one of the following might have happened: An upgrade/removal of a .Net version A tweak to the registry to fix some other script
  2. Hi @samwoo, I cannot recreate your issue myself (it seems a Powershell error), so it seems unlikely that the issue is our server. Could you please run the following on your PowerShell command line: [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol This should identify what security protocol is currently set. If the result does not contain not TLS ("Tls" in Powershell speak), run the following before trying the script: [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12
  3. Hi @Dan Munns, The following SQL will get you your random 5 entries (of the filtered) per analyst. SELECT * FROM ( SELECT h_pk_reference, h_summary, h_datelogged, h_resolvedby_username, h_source_type, h_fk_team_name , ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY h_resolvedby_username) AS row_num FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_pk_reference LIKE '%IN%' AND h_status = 'status.closed' AND (h_datelogged >= LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 2 MONTH) + INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND (h_datelogged < LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH)) AND (h_source_type NOT IN ('Autoresponder', 'Email', 'Self Service') AND (h_summary NOT LIKE '%Password Reset%' AND h_summary NOT LIKE '%Account Unlocked%') AND (h_fk_team_name IN ('IT Service Desk', 'IT Infrastructure', 'IT TEAM 3', 'IT TEAM 4', 'IT TEAM 5', 'IT TEAM 6') ) AS abc WHERE row_num < 6 LIMIT 100 The LIMIT 100 at the end is because there should not be more than 100 results in the widget The row_num < 6 is because the rows start numbering with 1, so first five is < 6.
  4. Hi @Izu, Can you confirm that you are NOT using a proxy? and that the following URLs are whitelisted? Could you please confirm that there is no proxy in use(*). Could you please confirm that there is no Firewall limiting outbound traffic over https (admittedly unlikely, but the firewall might have a white-list(**) of which applications are allowed to make the connection). Could you please confirm that there is no Virusscanner which might be blocking ports/traffic (even less likely). Can you confirm that https://eurapi.hornbill.com/INSTANCENAME/xmlmc/ opens to page within the browser (the browser would likely use the proxy, so a no-show of the page would only mean that there is most definitely something misconfigured on the network side). (*) IF you are using a proxy, please double-check that you have implemented the section under HTTP Proxies : https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Data_Export#HTTP_Proxies (**) The URLS to white list are as follows: https://files.hornbill.com/instances/INSTANCENAME/zoneinfo - Allows access to lookup your Instance API Endpoint https://files.hornbill.co/instances/INSTANCENAME/zoneinfo - Backup URL for when files.hornbill.com is unavailable https://eurapi.hornbill.com/INSTANCENAME/xmlmc/ - This is your Instance API Endpoint, eurapi can change so you should use the endpoint defined in the previous URL In ADDITION to this, please visit https://files.hornbill.com/instances/INSTANCENAME/zoneinfo and note the "endpoint" in that result. THAT resulting URL ALSO needs to be white listed.
  5. Hi @nasimg, I haven't found any API documentation (API = Application Programmers Interface; the documentation which outlines how a programmer can talk to the program in question) for Enboarder - if you know of a link, then please share and we will have a look.
  6. Hi @Paul Alexander, I think I know what's up. The report export encapsulates the tasks in double-quotes. If you open the .csv in a text editor and search and replace all double-quotes, you will be OK.
  7. Hi @Paul Alexander, Is there a significant difference (in the .csv file) between the cancelled tasks and those not cancelled (eg missing TSK prefix or so)? You said it was 50-50 success. Was it every second task in the list which worked/not worked? The error suggests that the task does not exist, so obvious question, do the remaining tasks still exist?
  8. Hi @Paul Alexander, We've created the following utility to cancel tasks - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Task_Cancelation_Utility for those tasks which were created prior to the system setting change.
  9. Hi @AndyHill, The Attribute... bit allows one to configure the organisational units one can assign the person to (this assumes that the organisational unit (eg Org) is already created in Hornbill). Instead of {{.companyName}} you can use any other Azure attribute. If the value you wish to use as the organisation is already mentioned in one of the attributes, then you can simple substitute .companyName for the name of the Azure attribute. As an alternative, you can hard-code the group name and, with that, just create a new configuration file PER GROUP, so: "UsersByGroupID":[ { "ObjectID":"Group Object ID", "Name":"Specific Group Object Name" } ] would be matched with: { "Attribute":"Specific Group Object Name", "Type":5, "Membership":"member", "TasksView":false, "TasksAction":false }
  10. Hi @jeffgleed, It appears that you have accidentally copied the request XML instead of the response XML. If your result is the following, then no results are being returned: <methodCallResult status="ok"> <flowCodeDebugState> <step>...</step> <executionId>...</executionId> </flowCodeDebugState> </methodCallResult> If you want to verify this, then just drop the "customerEquals" element to return 100 rows. If you have a permissions error, you might need to ensure your system administrator account has "Service Manager" and "Service Desk Admin" Security Roles.
  11. Hi @samwoo, I've updated (and released the binary to) the CSV Asset Import script with the fix. The owner of the DB Asset Import script has a notification waiting with the fix in it as well. Expect a release early in the new year. IF I manage to compile that particular binary myself, then I will provide you with that binary via sFTP.
  12. Hi @samwoo, A couple of the user ID fields (owned_by and used_by) are converted, behind-the-scenes, to a more involved unique identifier. This is not the case for last_logged_on_user, but then I can't find anywhere that this should be the case. Could you please run the following SQL in the Admin section Home > System > Data > Data Direct : SELECT h_pk_asset_id, h_last_logged_on_user FROM h_cmdb_assets_computer WHERE h_last_logged_on_user IS NOT NULL and see what data is in the results.
  13. Hi @Joanne, The "Could not get Asset Class..."-error could be because the "Server" Asset Type does not exist (i.e. no results in the query would create that error). Could you please confirm whether "Server" is set up? That being said, the preceding (protocol) error might point to something else (it could also be connected).
  14. Hi @Nick Brailsford, From the little "Query" bit I see, I suspect you are importing date from ITHD/ITSMF - where the asset data is stored in the "equipmnt"-table. In this case, the primary ID/unique identifier would be "equipid", so that would be the setting in "DBColumn" (not "h_name").
  15. Hi @Darren KIng, A new release incorporates the fix for this: https://github.com/hornbill/goDb2HUserImport/releases/tag/1.2.3
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