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  1. that was assuming you ( @Joe ) wanted to automate something - a simple report would do the trick as well.
  2. Hi @Joe, Please have a look at https://github.com/hornbill/goHornbillDataExport and specifically at the skipdb option
  3. Hi @BillP, Your intuition is quite right, you would just need to concatenate it to your instance URL - the intermediate folder you are looking for is "dav". In the full URL, "/dav/" would replace the "/xmlmc/" bit. You will still need to pass the Authorization on via the header in your GET request.
  4. Hi @Jack_Podmore, That is what I would do/recommend :-)
  5. Hi @LifeOfJonny, I am sure that "created" should indeed be "updated". assetClass would contain telecoms, printer or any of the other keys in the mapping @Ehsan gave.
  6. Hi @LifeOfJonny, I can recreate your issue, but I'd suggest you consider using Asset::updateAsset2 instead.
  7. @AndyHill "outcome" should be "OK" (when all went OK) or nothing at all (at the moment :- it should be "FAIL" or "WARN" depending on the issue). At the moment anything that fails will not have any responses from the script at all. In this particular instance "outcome" and "errors" are NOT populated when anything fails. We ARE working on this, so a future version will populate "outcome" and "errors" appropriately. Please keep an eye out for a new version of the "Active Directory Group Management" package.
  8. Hi @AndyHill, Not off hand - and I guess I would need to go through a few iterations to potentially capture all - or check AD's documentation. The easiest way to find out would be to add the outcome as an update to a dummy/test request. I would be more inclined to check the "errors" response. IF it is at all set, then the absence of errors would be either empty of any text or it would be set to 0.
  9. Hi @AndyHill, The Active Directory Management Add Group (the Result Reference defaults to "ADGMAddGroup") will provide an (hopefully unset) "errors" response and an "outcome" response. They should be selectable under the "IT Automation" Variable Picker. You might want to rename the "IT Automation" node so the specific one you want (assuming there are more than one IT Automation nodes) is more easily findable.
  10. Hi @bernie, It is indeed a table and field I was referring to.
  11. Hi @bernie, The 'auditTransactionId' and the ' TransactionId'-s in the 'EspApiTransactions' log are NOT the same. The auditTransactionIds refer to auditing that is done for the audit trails within the Project, Supplier and Timesheet Managers. For this you could have a look at h_sys_audit_trail.h_txn_id.
  12. Hi @AndyHill, Could you check whether proxy is enabled for system level services (as opposed to users-only; which might explain why your test worked)? That being said, the SIS currently does not support going over a proxy.
  13. Hi @AndyHill, The next items we would want to check: How did you clear the SIS? There should be a log file in: C:\ProgramData\Hornbill\Site Integration Server\log Are you using a proxy server (for :443 access) How many network cards does the server have?
  14. Hi @Chris, I believe I might have found and fixed the issue you appear to be having. Please download the latest release (v2.4.2) of the import tool and please get back to me either way.
  15. Do the numbers add up? There should be a few entries of [Azure] Found ### Users before a [Azure] No Skip Token Found signals the end of whatever is found/processed via Azure. It is likely chunked in lots of 100. The summary at the end is indicative of what has been processed. It currently suggests that from the 100++ Azure accounts found only 32 were processed. That is admittedly quite a disparity. Looking through the code, I have a sneaky suspicion: Could you please confirm whether the 32 is the last number (or near enough) of users found in Azure before the "No
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