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Asset detail capturing and updating Asset Manager automatically from within a request

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Hi all,

We're working with our Operational Technology team to create a process in our Incident flow to capture jointly owned asset information from Incidents.

Our Operational Technology teams have the ability to replace jointly owned OT & IT communications assets.

The incidents they we will raise will be pretty much retrospective as they have access to a joint stock pool, so they will have already replaced the faulty asset with stock from the pool. What we in IT need to be able to capture is the faulty asset and replacement asset information. So the warranty process can be engaged on the faulty asset.

I have been able to achieve getting the list of assets through the intelligent capture, which means that we can get information from our asset database to do the look up but i would like to through the bpm, grab the faulty asset details and update our database to place item into faulty status, and then when with replacement asset update the database to go from in stock to in use.

Is this possible?

Many Thanks


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It looks like this is possible after doing some digging via the Hornbill Automation node, requests assets configuration.


I've include a screenshot for the benefit of others.


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