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Activity Side Bar losing the Someday Activities occasionally

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Just noticed that the activity side bar seems to lose the Someday items when working the list - it reappears if I close the side bar / reopen. This seems to happen randomly when working the Someday items - i have around 90+ and was just deleting some old activities - i can delete a few with no issues but occasionally it 'refreshes' and I can no longer see the Someday items until I Close / Open the side bar again.

Many thanks


Should look like this and after closing and reopening the side bar the Someday item list reappears:


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Hi Miro - thank you for looking at this.

Just tried it again and it only happened after I deleted about 6 tasks from the Someday list - the 1st five it came back aok, but on the 6th one it disappeared. Closing the side bar and reopening it brought back the Someday activities (2nd image)

Many thanks



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