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Search not returning all results when all is selected

Adam Toms

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Hi all,

I've just noticed that our search results when having All selected doesn't appear to be returning all results matching the search criteria.

By selecting faults and requests I see all 6 results in Faults and Requests, this is difficult to screenshot so I've not included one.

But it seems for us at least, All doesn't display all of the faults and requests that should appear. However changing to Faults and requests yields the full results that what has been displayed in all.

Does anyone else notice this or have I missed something in a change to functionality?

Many Thanks.

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Hi @James Ainsworth

Yes that's correct I can't see any filters that have been applied. But all only displays 5 out of the 6 requests for the example attached. This seems to be the case on others. But as this is returning some data, this doesn't appear to me to be a typical search fault/ issue that I've encountered before.

However if you go to the faults and requests heading all 6 appear which would be what I would expect from the All Search results behaviour.

Many Thanks



Screenshot of main search when All is selected.PNG

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Hi all,

I'm getting lots of negative responses over this for the past week. It seem that this seems to be a recent change in functionality that they are not getting all the results coming back from the All function.

I initially put this down to user error, however given some additional feedback today from multiple members of staff and some of those are in IT I can only assume that something has changed.

I can't confirm or deny this personally as I don't spend that much time in the employee portal, but given the various responses from our customers it would seem that wasn't always the case.

Unfortunately my colleague who looked after the employee portal, has now left. I have some knowledge of the configuration behind the portal, but this is probably my weakest point. Is there anyway I can configure the Search widget to look at Faults & Requests Only.

I fully understand and appreciate Steve's response into how the All setting has been configured.

For ourselves though,  at this stage we've not done a great deal with the FAQ's section and for our customers it would be more beneficial if the faults and requests was populated to be configured first.

Looking at the Search Widget it is possible to configure filters for the search however I'm not able to find the faults and requests configuration. 

I've made the attached screenshot setting in draft form, but it doesn't work as I anticipated, and I'm just trying to understand the best way to configure this in draft from for now, and then make the changes live. 

Could someone please point me in the right direction? I did have a scan on the Wiki but the page didn't go into detail in regards to filtering options.

Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards


Employee Portal Search filter options.PNG

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