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Show Task Outcomes on the request list


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Guest Paul Alexander

Would you be able to add the 'outcome' of the impact assessment to a custom field, and then add that custom field to your view?

It's not quite as elegant as just having the outcome available, but it might get what you want without any changes from Hornbill?

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@chriscorcoran as Paul mentioned you could write the outcome of a task to a custom field and then use the column selector on your views, to show the custom field on the request list view.

For the specific Impact question on changes, there is an out of the box feature you can use in your business processes for setting the Impact level, and then there is a default Impact column available on the request list.


The impact assessment can work just like your task, in that the assessment can be one or many questions which automatically set the impact on the change record, and in turn is available on the request list.

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