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Get Card Information missed - can I recover from this?!

Sam P

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@Sam P If you know the Card ID then you should be able to populate that value by setting the option to Manual and the value to the Card ID in the running Business Process and restart the Workflow.

This assumes you know the Card ID - for a Request, this would commonly be the Request Reference.

You can access the running Workflow via Home > Administration > Business Processes > Manage Executed Processes and details on restarting a Business Process are at the foot of the Business Process Designer wiki page.

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Thanks @Steve Giller I have multiple cards in this BP so had set a name for this card:
(full key: CARDAPASNew&[global["inputParams"]["requestId"]])

Adding CARDAPASNew&[global["inputParams"]["requestId"]] in the Card ID field on the Move Card node does save but then generates this error:
Maybe I missed something else?

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41 minutes ago, Sam P said:


@Sam P this is not a valid syntax for the request input param... why the "CARDAPASNew" string there?

If you want "Key" param to have the value of the request ID and if you pass this via the input param variable, then the variable syntax is &[global["inputParams"]["requestId"]]

All variables in workflows have the "&[ .... ]" syntax, this is how the workflow knows that is a variable it need to resolve a value for... if the syntax is changed, the workflow can't work out that is a variable...

EDIT: looking again at the issue and conversation so far I need to make some corrections. While what I said the above is correct (re the syntax and all), it is not addressing the issue you have.

The issue you have, based on screenshots, is that the "Key" input param for the "Move Card" node does not have a value. To fix a broken workflow with this issue you can manually add a value (not a variable) for the affected running workflows. The "name" of the card is not a valid key, that needs to be the card ID. Have a look in h_boardmanager_card table, look for that card, make a note of the h_id for that card and that is what you would put in the node for the "Key" value.

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Thanks @Victor, a while back Yodit helped me work with multiple cards on multiple boards in one BP by adding a unique reference to each card, hence this particular card is prefixed CARDAPASNew.  It has been working perfectly up till recently when I expanded the workflow to include a decision and the Get Card Information node got moved...I missed it and so this particular Move Card node does not have a preceding Get Card Information node in front of it. 

Once I spotted it I fixed it and the subsequent process is now working fine.  I was hoping there might be a way of fixing the 3 or 4 of the requests that slipped through the net :) 


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50 minutes ago, Sam P said:

work with multiple cards on multiple boards in one BP by adding a unique reference to each card

@Sam P right, I understand the scenario. However, that "unique reference" you worked out with Yodit is to create a unique identifier for the card. When you move a card on board, the "Move Card" node needs to use the card ID, not the identifier you created... Usually (so to speak) the workflow works this out itself when using the "Get Card Info" (where that identifier comes into play). But if we are to manually put a value for the card ID in the "Move Card" node (e.g. to fix our issue here), we cannot use the identifier, it needs to be the card ID value which can be found in the table I mentioned previously...

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