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Question regarding attachments in Service Manager


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When adding attachments it obviously adds them to the request etc, but when you go to remove it says that the attachment is unlinked from the request.

Does this mean that the attachments are still in the database somewhere or do they actually get deleted once removed from a request?

Then a follow up question, dependent on answer if they are just unlinked how to we go about deleting them from the server?

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Hi Jeremy,

Unless you complete the action of adding the attachments to a requests, the attachments are not saved.   

When using the Attachment Action on a request you will need to click on the Upload button before the attachment is saved.  If you remove the attachment before uploading to the request, they are not saved anywhere.


The same will apply in Progressive Capture when using the Attachment form.  Any attachment that has been unlinked from the Attachment Form during the raising of the request will not be saved.  Attachments that have been linked, will only be saved once the request has been created.  

Hope that helps.


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