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Error message - Parallel Process


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I'm receiving the below error and am unable to figure out what the problem could be. 

id=task-434a7caf is the Request References node and there must be an issue with the following decision node based on the name it is displaying.

Is anybody able to assist please?




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I would delete the decision node and recreate it.

Without picking apart the Process it would be difficult to make anything more than a basic assumption, but I highly doubt you have called the Node [object Object] so that suggests a problem to me - possibly from copy/pasting a node or nodes?

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Hi @Steve Giller I had deleted the decision node and recreated it a few times already and each time the name reverted to [object Object] even though I had actually input a valid label name in the node itself.

However upon further inspection, I then noticed that in the Request References node it was referencing an unexpected Task Assignment (variable) as a Result Ref had been included in the initial Get Request Details node on the page. Please note that what I am doing here is updating an entire process that was created by a different developer a few years ago. I have since removed the Result Ref and updated all human task nodes on the page to make sure they all match. This seems to have solved the initial error message but a different error has now presented, which I will look into a bit further before I ask for additional assistance. Thanks.

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