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  1. @Victor I am trying to use custom expressions as below but it only works for one route and not the other. The difference here is that 2 workflows are feeding into 1. Please see the highlighted human tasks (on the separate workflows) and the specific decision node (also highlighted). Using either the Outcomes or Capture Task Fields (Employee Number) from each of the human tasks I have tried various operator options such as Outcome == Completed, Employee Number is set/not set plus No Match. I have tried to use Owner as a variable too, which also wasn't successful. Please see screenshot for the Yes route that is working as intended. Please can you advise if custom expressions can work across multiple workflows and if so are you able to suggest how to rectify this?
  2. Hi Victor, I did....so I've recreated the decision and expression and it is working now. Thanks
  3. I am getting the following error on the below.....any ideas why?
  4. Hi @Steve Giller I had deleted the decision node and recreated it a few times already and each time the name reverted to [object Object] even though I had actually input a valid label name in the node itself. However upon further inspection, I then noticed that in the Request References node it was referencing an unexpected Task Assignment (variable) as a Result Ref had been included in the initial Get Request Details node on the page. Please note that what I am doing here is updating an entire process that was created by a different developer a few years ago. I have since removed the Result Ref and updated all human task nodes on the page to make sure they all match. This seems to have solved the initial error message but a different error has now presented, which I will look into a bit further before I ask for additional assistance. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm receiving the below error and am unable to figure out what the problem could be. id=task-434a7caf is the Request References node and there must be an issue with the following decision node based on the name it is displaying. Is anybody able to assist please?
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman, I probably didn't explain myself clearly enough. So on our self service portal we have different pages where requests can be raised based on the topic, i.e. a HR section, Recruitment section, Finance section, IT section etc. I wanted to find out if we can set the Live Chat function so that it will only be appear to the customer when they are on the HR page as we want it directed to our back office HR Team only? As it stands no other areas are utilising the chat function, so the fact you are looking to expand for multiple chat teams will be a great future option also.
  7. Hi, We have several different Service Area's and are looking into using Live Chat, but we would want this for just one Service Area. Is this possible?
  8. Thanks @Dan Munns it is working now
  9. Hi @Dan Munns, we have tried your suggestion as below and the process keeps reassigning to the initial approver. Please can you advise on next steps? @Foley Coker
  10. Hi @Jeremy the process isn't failing. Thanks for your suggestion, I have tried this now and this hasn't solved the issue i'm afraid. We think there may be an issue with the await expiry node now (that has been raised separately by a colleague working on a different project).
  11. I am creating a process where on one route the request status is set to close before sending a timed email reminder to the customer, the reason for this is that we'd prefer the request not to remain on hold/open as can be in that status for many months. Cloud automation has been set to pick up a set date and then once the email has been sent will end the process fully. When I am testing it no email is being sent, please can you assist?
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