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Email Notification When ticket is assigned

Daniel Moyle

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I'm trying to figure out why when a ticket is assigned to an analyst, it does not email them.

We currently are allowing each analyst to configure their own notification settings, but even when "Assignment (Owner Notification)" is enabled in the users profile, they get nothing.


I've checked through all the settings I can find and have looked around online but can't seem to finds the answer I'm after.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks :)


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Hi James,

Thanks for your reply,

So yes, we can send emails out from the helpdesk. All other forms of emails work to. Such as sending a client an email from a ticket, when a user replies to a ticket we get notified, when the tickets is logged, and closed we gets emails to. So mail flow is fine. 

I think its just a settings I'm missing, but heck know where :P

Thanks mate :)

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we had this similar issue and we had to enable our users to have access to the specific inbox that the system uses to send this particular notification (it works differently to the email update notifications), we then gave access to this inbox to our users (it does show in the drop down box in the email action button, we have raised this to be removed by Hornbill, we had to set the default inbox for each service so Hornbill doesn't automatically use this to send standard emails from the system) but we now get an email telling us when a request is assigned to us.


The role needs to be attached to anyone who assigns requests, not the people who want it, so we gave it to everyone in case


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