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Link to catalog item works from an email but not in a word document?


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I have found that if I put a link to one of our CI into a word document it only takes you as far as the self service portal services page. 

Adding the same link to an email takes you to the CI, which is what we want to happen.

Any idea why is behaves differently in word and if there is a way round it?



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Hi Helen,

Just checking if you mean a link in the format such as this example?


There is no reason I know of why the links would operate differently from an email or a Word document, I've tried the above format link and from email and Word it will take me to the log form of the catalog item.

Kind Regards,


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@HGrigsby From the Insert menu in Word there is a specific option to add a link.  Perhaps if you simply copy and paste in a link it is treated differently and there may be some hidden formatting at play, so might be worth a try specifically using the Insert option.

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