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Issue with Manager viewing requests highlighted by Automated SLA notifications

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We have our system configured so that if a request is raised by a VIP member of staff this is highlighted to 3 members of our management team to ensure the request is worked within SLA's.

However, 2 of the managers are getting the message 'You do not have permissions to view this request' when clicking on the link to the request in the email, whereas the 3rd it is opening with no issues (this is my Manager Steve, and he has Super User role along with some other extra roles on his profile). All 3 are members of a team added as Supporting against the Service so I would expect them to be able to view the request.

I have also added their team as subscribing on one of the highlighted Services, but they are both still getting the permissions error.

Any ideas as to why? Is being a member of a supporting team against the Service enough to allow them to view the request?

Many thanks!

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@Adrian Simpkins the other users would also need the appropriate role for example to view Incidents.  

Another consideration is, where is the URL taking them too?  the agent view of the request or the customer view of the request - this may also have a bearing on their visibility issues. 

Maybe share the URL which they are seeing,  in the forum and possibly check the users have the appropriate request type role, they would be my first suggestions


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Hi Both,

The User(s) have both Service Request and Incident roles assigned, and the hyperlink in the VIP alert email for Service Manager is https://live.hornbill.com/mse/servicemanager/request/view/IN00XXXXXX. There are 3 in the team, and the only one who the links seem to work correctly for is Steve (My Manager) who has a lot more roles (similar to mine) as he covers things if i am not around.

The 2 that cannot view the requests are getting a 'Sorry, you do not have permission to view this page' message against the URL https://live.hornbill.com/mse/401 after clicking on the link in the email.

Unfortunately due to Covid remote working they are not on site with me so it is hard to diagnose direct, so they are both accessing this on a laptop via VPN offsite. 

Our VIP requests sit amongst all other SLA level requests with a Notice applied to the request along with the VIP SLA, and they are added to a board rather than having a specific VIP request team / queue along with this email which we are using to highlight VIP requests to the Management. The management team then liase with the assigned team / owner to ensure it is resolved in a timely fashion. We also highlight any Priority 1 or 2 requests to this team via the same method so having a specific VIP queue wouldnt work in this situation.

The team these 3 belong to has been added as Supporting against all the Services a VIP request can be raised against. So rather than adding them as a member to each team we just want them to be a member of their own team but be able to view the request against the Service(s) their team supports.

I want to avoid having to add them as a member to every team to be able to view the requests, because if they become a member they will receive the team notifications which means they would get swamped with emails. 




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@Adrian Simpkins based on what you have described and the URL they are trying to access on, it would appear if they are in a team supporting the services those tickets are raised against, they should be able to view the tickets.

I think it's probably best to log this with support and they can have a look with you at the config, and see if they can spot what is happening for your two VIP group members.  


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hi Steven,

I have now sat with my Manager to view this issue, and it was a nice simple fix, we had his logon setup under one AD, and he was accessing Hornbill under another AD hence permissions error message :) swapped his access across and retested it, and it is now working aok

Many thanks as always

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