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I have created some that show me a count of active requests either per day, week, month etc.




All I want to see is a trend of calls sat with a particular team in a line for a period of time. Am I right in understanding that these cannot resample retrospectively because request status is a snapshot? Or is a change in request status timestamped in the DB and therefore measures can look back in time for an accurate count of total requests in a teams queue for that period.




I have created a measure as above for the whole of our department (All teams). This count gives me a total count of active requests across the service. I have added “Team Name” to the “saved data columns” does this allow me to create a widget either line chart or something else and then see the active request count trend per supporting team?

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1. The Measures are a snapshot in time, so you can't retrospectively look back for what you where looking for, but you could set this up for tickets going forward

2. Yes, if you have added columns to the saved data columns you can then 'slice' the measure data by those saved columns in your widgets.


Measure sample Group By - in the group by option, it is showing me the list of Saved Data Columns


And this is using the Incidents Logged Per Quarter widget, with the list of saved data columns


Hope that helps

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@Stephen.whittle unfortunately that filter option isn't there.  As you say, at the moment the only way to achieve this would be to have different measures, each grouped on specific teams, using the filter in the measure (as you have highlighted yourself).  

I will ask the question internally as to the feasibility of adding the filter at the widget level, but in the meantime hopefully you can achieve the desired outcome but by having a number of different measures. 

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