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Found 15 results

  1. I have created some that show me a count of active requests either per day, week, month etc. Q1. All I want to see is a trend of calls sat with a particular team in a line for a period of time. Am I right in understanding that these cannot resample retrospectively because request status is a snapshot? Or is a change in request status timestamped in the DB and therefore measures can look back in time for an accurate count of total requests in a teams queue for that period. Q2. I have created a measure as above for the whole of our department (All teams). This count gives me a total count of active requests across the service. I have added “Team Name” to the “saved data columns” does this allow me to create a widget either line chart or something else and then see the active request count trend per supporting team?
  2. At the moment it is only possible to create a measure based on a Table object, but with relational database architecture used in the platform there are often selection criteria held in a related table hence it would be useful to be able to create a measure on an entity. Cheers Martyn
  3. Hi, I was looking to pull together a dashboard, using several widgets, however when creating a widget with a data chart/measured sample combination, the output just shows Week numbers, rather than actual w/c dates (see attached image). Is there some configuration that needs making in order to change this, or is this set in stone? Please advise. Many thanks, Neil
  4. Related to my earlier post below, it would be useful to be able to join multiple tables in the the Measure 'Data Source' definition, so that criteria held in related tables can be used in the measure source. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi, Can we have an option when h_category is selected as a group by to limit the levels? I have a measure that shows all incident requests logged and a saved field is h_category so that I can create a chart to show the amount of each type of incident. The issue is we have so many categories due to the amount of teams it makes the report chart next to useless. I would like to be able to filter the categories to only show the first two levels at most but currently am unable to do this. As you can see the amount of categories is a little on the large side. This is filtered down to only show the IT teams at the moment (about 12 teams) (Also, have a guess at what category is the green one...) Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm exploring the advanced analytics reporting. I'm trying to create a couple of measures and struggling to get the data I need. Does anyone know what settings I need in each measure in order to get the following data? The first one is, number of calls per week by call category. Number of calls not updated in the last 2, 5 and 10 days Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  7. With the introduction of pagination on the measures screen in Admin tool, the filter is now only working on the records displayed on the current page and not the whole of the list. Cheers Martyn
  8. Is there anyway to currently control the level of precision that 'Data Labels' are displayed too, when turning them on in a Data Chart, so that the data labels do not become excessively long and merge into each other? For example setting it to one or two decimal places. In our case we are using a calculated percentage measure, so will virtually all the time it will be a long decimal, compared to displaying integers such as the number of open or closed requests. Cheers Martyn
  9. It would be really useful when adding new measures to a scorecard widget to be able to reorder them without having to delete them and re-add them. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi all, Is there a way I can create a measure showing the average number of days between a call type being logged and being resolved? So Oct will only show stats for calls logged in Oct no matter when they were closed. Thanks
  11. Hi all I'm hoping someone will be able to provide guidance on this one. I'm looking to create a Widget displaying the Average Resolution time of our Incidents. Using the demo data I copied the measure that the widget would be using as it's data source and believe it is working. The issue however is that the average time that it has calculated for November is drastically higher than expected. Due to this, I am guessing that the timer counts the seconds between 'h_datelogged' and 'h_fixtime' without taking our working hours or 'on hold' statuses into account? Have I got the wrong impression with this or is there a way to make it take the above into consideration? Summary: I'd like to know the Average amount of time (using the SLA counter that is paused when out of office hours or on hold) an Incident was either 'New' or 'Open' before it was resolved. Here is the Measure I've got: Thanks in advance for any help! Drew
  12. We currently do a CSV export of all calls logged for the last 2 years, import it into MS Access, run various queries and export to Excel to produce our graphs I've been able to replicate some of our current graphs in the advanced analytics but I'm stuck with the following ones Open Vs Closed Tickets with Queue Impact I can get the red and the green bars onto a graph but I can't add the line graphs to the same graph. We also need to be able to add trend and target lines Outstanding Tickets by Age I might be able to do this, I think I would need to create a measure for each range of days We also like to be able to do a pie chart per team i.e. Development, Engineering, Infrastructure and Service Delivery Calls Opened by Site I couldn't get it to show the sites along the bottom instead of the months Opened v Resolved by Team Previous Month I can do this one with the exception of combining our two service delivery teams into one as it is grouped by team We have a Service Delivery Reception and Service Delivery Escalation team but we tend to report them together as Service Delivery Resolved Calls by Resolution Type Previous Month We can pull out the closure profiles but we only want to report on the top level Calls may be closed as 4CS > Fault or 4CS > Request but we just want to report 4CS If we can do that, then I also want to be able to do for the last 3 months, so we'd have one bar for each profile per month Closed by Team (In and Out of Fix) I think I can probably do the smaller pie charts but not sure how to do the bigger one with the multiple teams and the percentage of calls closed in and out of fix for each Percentage of Calls Closed Within Fix I've just managed to get close to this but the percentages are a bit out In our current reports we just look at closed and resolved calls but when I put that criteria into the measure the percentages are way out I've not tried the average fix time yet but I think I should be able to do that one
  13. Hi, What is the purpose of the fields "Date Ranging Column" & "Date Ranging Column 2" when defining a measure? And how to use them properly? Thanks, Lyonel
  14. Hi, I have been playing a lot with the measures recently and discovered something a little bit constraining for us: Is it possible to extend the length of the where clauses when setting up measures? Right now, this is very constraining and does not allow me to setup KPIs properly
  15. In measures the different quarterly combinations are represented by the three different options, however it would also be useful to be able to adjust the Weekly and Monthly criteria for measures as well. We where able to do this in Support Works by adjusting the collector method, but this is not an option with hosted service. For example our weekly reporting cycle is based on weekly meetings happening on a Thursday, reporting on the previous week period of Thursday to Wednesday. Is there any way currently to adjust the weekly and monthly criteria? Cheers Martyn
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