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Time Not Logging - Service Manager


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Hi guys, 

We are having an issue whereby when adding time to a ticket, this isn't always added meaning entries are missed. We have raised this before (back in 2018) but this still appears to be an issue that our team face on a daily basis. Time is one of our KPI's and its hard to challenge anyone on this when the system doesn't always log time unless you are specifically checking each entry, every time which isn't very efficient. 

We have checked the categories and these are set correctly. However we do seem to be able to replicate the issue on our instance - it appears to be not adding time just after sending an email until you either do a full refresh of the browser or come out and go back into the ticket. 

1. Open ticket 

2. Send an email to the customer

3. Click the update button and add an update to the ticket, add time and click "update" - the update goes to the timeline but the time doesn't appear on the time sheet 

We have tried this in Chrome, IE and Firefox so suspect it not to be a browser issue. 

Any help on this would be great. 



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We have this issue intermittently which Hornbill are looking at the moment, which seem to be triggered by a number of different combinations of actions on the request.  I will check you steps to see if we can replicate are well.

We also know there is an issue where a request that you have open is updated by the workflow and another analyst the time recording stops being added even though as you say the timeline entry gets added with no error being reports.




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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Ah wonderful, at least its not just us! Thanks for the heads up when its being updated via the workflow, we haven't come across that yet ourselves. 

Again, thank you for taking the time to look at our steps to replicate - much appreciated! Do you have an open support ticket or is this been looked into via the forum? If via the forum I will follow the thread you have raised :D 



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