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Self Service Subject Suggestion Filter/Disable Option


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Would it be possible to add filters to the suggested subjects presented when a user types in a summary as they open a call?

Even a tick box for match entire phrase would be useful.

I have received a complaint from a user that they are seeing lots of irrelevant results.

When they use  "New Self Service Portal" and get 27 suggested FAQs that include the word "Service"

It would be useful if you can click on results and select 'match entire phrase', 'limit results to FAQs for selected service' or even give the users the option of switching off the suggestions feature.

I can see as we add more domains to our instance and expand the FAQs that this kind of request will crop up more often.

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Hi @AlexOnTheHill

I will mention to the relevant people about this proposed enhancement.

At the moment, its not possible to search for the entire phrase, but the results are returned by relevance.
So, if you search for ''New Self Service Portal'' then the top results are the ones having the more number of occurrences of each word, which should make more likely the FAQs you're searching for is among the top ones.



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Hi @AlexOnTheHill

I was wondering if tags or key words would also work for you?  This would be the ability to select key words against a knowledge article and only match based on these key words.  This would be more likely to present more relevant and fewer matches.

This is something that we are already working on.  Not sure on the time frame yet.


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