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Add Attachment fields query


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When you have an 'Add Attachments' node what does the Attachment title do? As I have set this as below:


and in the resulting request it appears as:


My assumption would be that a part or all of the uploaded file would reference 'Risk Assessment'?

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Hi @Jeremy

The attachment title and info message that you specify are purely labels that appear during the Progressive Capture. Their content will not appear anywhere on a logged request (though that's potentially a nice feature request that I will pass on to the developers).

There isn't actually much difference between the two labels in terms of functionality -  one appears on top of the other - and you could use Wiki Markup to format them differently to emphasise different points to the end user who is presented with the attachment form during the logging.



Kind Regards


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@Bob Dickinson OK, thanks. Maybe the title Attachment Title is misleading, we have a form with 5 upload nodes and it would be good for us to know which upload relates to which node/question after this has been logged to make it easy for the interested parties to view the correct attachment.

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