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Hornbill Branding

Dave Longley

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@Dave Longley So I don't believe that this top logo can be changed anymore, there was an option about 2 years ago when we first had the software but this has defaulted back to Hornbill.

You also see this as you are an analyst, as the normal users have this (below) so it is kind of hidden...



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Hi @Dave Longley

There is no option of white labelling the Hornbill solution. Previously what we called the "service portal" has a bit of a confused personality, it was the same code used for both employees and external support, as a result of that code sharing, it was possible to rebrand the service portal because that is generally a requirement when dealing with external customer facing/CRM type solutions. 

For the new employee portal, as you know this is now part of the main User app and so the UI and the whole approach to branding is different. We know that when you are presenting your selfservice/service catalog to your IT end users its important to present your branding and not have the Hornbill in there to confuse people.  To accommodate this, as @Jeremy has pointed out, the behaviour of the UI is different, depending on the type of user you are.  

If you are a normal Hornbill Platform user then as you would expect you will see the top bar, which includes amongst other things, access to the main menu, your notifications, profile and of course the Hornbill logo its self.  However, as a basic user, you do not by default see this top bar, it is hidden and therefore so is the Hornbill branding, leaving the entire canvas brand-able where you can place your own  logo, background image and so on.  However, as a basic user, you sill have access to a limited subset of functions accessed via the top bar, which you can reveal by simply floating the mouse over the small tab at the top center of the window. 



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