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  1. I was wondering if someone can help me. I have mapped a customer field h_custom_22 to a filed in my PCF which asks users to supply a contract end date only (doesnt ask for a time) When it appears in my request list is is displayed with the time followed by 00:00. How can i get it to not show the 00:00? Do i need to use another customer filed type?
  2. I have created some new document libraries + documents, what permission do I need to give so that everyone can view the document?
  3. @James Ainsworth, I was wondering if you have any update on this? would be a good feature.
  4. Thanks @Steve Giller but not everyone will have access to Hornbill who will receive this email.
  5. If there any option when we create an email template that the template can contain an attachment automatically? This would save my team having to add default attachments to emails which we want to get sent out.
  6. @James Ainsworth sorry for the delay, I was on leave, here is the condition for 'Not Set' never used Auto Tasks before.
  7. thanks @James Ainsworth
  8. I have created a new BPM which is linked to a board. When the request is logged, it get added to the board which is great. When i close the request down, the ticket is closed but the item remains on the board. below is the config which i have used in the BPM: what have i done wrong? thanks
  9. Initial tests seems to be working fine @Gerry
  10. @Gerry - pls can i be added to this hot fix as we have the same problem, this has been reported via a helpdesk ticket i raised with your support team.
  11. @Steven Boardman can you advise on this one pls?
  12. Thanks @James Ainsworth, Yes i want the tickets to automatically get added to a new board which i will creat called VIP users. Do i need to a a new node in all the BPM to pick up if the users are VIP to then get added to the board?
  13. Hello, I have been asked to look into the concept of highlighting tickets logged by VIP staff. Is it possible (sure it is) 1. Add a custom filed to flag a user as a VIP 2. Create a board so that this can display all tickets logged by these VIP and then have certain lanes to see if this ticket is relevant status (in progress , resolved, Within SLA etc - this is still to be decided) Any other suggestions would eb appriciated? Thanks Dave
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