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  1. Hello, we have enabled feedback + added some feedback questions when we resolve tickets. How can I view what our customers comments?
  2. thanks for your prompt responses @Steven Boardman @James Ainsworth and @Alberto M
  3. I am sure this is a simple answer but I cant find how to do this, when a ticket is put on hold, a number of the buttons are not available. Where do I need to do to be able to make these available?
  4. Hi @Ehsan, yes I am aware of that, what i meant was how can include more details in the card? e.g who the ticket is assigned too etc description etc
  5. hello, we have a breach board set up: Is there an option to add more information such as owner/team etc?
  6. @James Ainsworth, this is what i need, to prevent the person requesting the change to be able to approve their own RFC,
  7. I am not sure where, but i recall having the ability when you link tickets, that you can resolve the parent ticket and then having the option to resolve all linked tickets? The same if you want to update the parent, you can update all the linked tickets. How can i enable this? this is for major incident and problem management. Thanks
  8. We have built out a new Change management flow and have realised that the system allows the owner of the RFC (typically a person in the user role) to be able to approve their own change request. Is there any system settings to prevent this?
  9. I was wondering if there was any way in which we can include more details within the customer section of raised tickets: we would like to be able to add in the users line manager as an example?
  10. Is there a way where we can associate more than one email address to a user? we have a part of the business which we purchased recently which we have just imported into Hornbill. They uses an R&R email address for SSO (this imports them into Hornbill), but when they reply to emails from the system, they send from their other email address which is not linked to their account and the email sits in the mailbox waiting for us to manually process. is there any option to associate more than one email address to a user?
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