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  1. Thanks @Jeremy, i have added this node: logged a change, but nothing is showing on the change calendar.
  2. Hello, What node do i need to use to successfully add a change to the change calendar and then for the change to get removed when completed? Thanks
  3. Hello, I am currently looking into the In-App reports and have a few questions. When i run the First Time Fix report, 100% of my tickets are not showing as achieved. what is the logic behind these so that i can see why my tickets are not being flagged as FTF? Also I can see that the report 'request Incident Response Time by service Level' is available, but how can i customise this? so that i can filter by team or service? Again, the same goes for open tickets by age, i want to filter this by team/analyst Can we filter any of these report by date? Do you have any reports available which can show tickets which have breached SLA?
  4. @James Ainsworth @Gerry i would need this feature aswell.
  5. Within my Incident management workflow for the customer portal, i have a question stating, does the request type need to be changed? This is there for if the customer via the customer portal raises an incident instad of a service request. If i select Yes, it will close the ticket and then auto raise a new Service request. The customer will then get a new email showing the below: If they click on the link, it points to the internal portal which is wrong and they get 'You do not have permission to view this request' What setting do i need to select so that when the customer receives an email saying that a new service request has been raised, it contains the correct URL depending if they are using the customer or employee portal?
  6. We are looking at rolling out our customer portal. When an account is created, it appears as a contact which are external to our company. If a user has forgotten their password to access the portal. How can we reset it?
  7. thanks @Steven Boardman, i have enabled this setting, what do i need to add in order to add these via progressive capture? My assets have individual owners and i want them to appear for the relevant user when a ticket has been raised. I still have to manually link the ticket.
  8. I was wondering how I can get the asset tab to automatically appear when i raise tickets? Currently I have to open the 'asset' tab and then click on 'linked' for the assets to appear.
  9. thanks @ArmandoDM, what needs to go in what field? Same value as UsedByName?
  10. We are looking at importing all of our assets via CSV and on the test samples we have selected, it does not auto populate the used by field. I have attached the CSV which imports fine. Can someone tell me what I am missing or doing wrong? Thanks Assets-v1.xlsx
  11. Cheers @Steve Giller. All working now. I had to enable: Routing Rules are disabled. The setting for turning Routing Rules on or off completely can be found in the admin Tool (Home - System - Settings - Advanced) as follows: Enables auto responder rules processing: mail.autoresponder.enable Thanks
  12. thanks for the message @adam. I Do appear to have this set up correctly.
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