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Asset Management – Asset Classes (Ability to Hide Classes. New Class Request, Shared User Audit)

Frank Reay

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Could I ask for these 3 enhancements to be considered for Asset Management:

1. Ability to hide Asset Classes. We may not wish to use all the Classes and want to ensure that users don’t use it by accident or get confused. We could use Translations to change the name to ‘Don’t use’ but that’s not brilliant.

2. Add Asset Class of ‘Access Rights’. We view Access Rights for our users to be an ‘Asset’. Our plan is to tie this in with our Starter/Mover/Leaver processes. We are under increasing ‘audit’ pressure to show that we have a record of what access people have to all our key systems. We need to be able to report by system to show who has access and at what level – this could be done from the systems themselves but a central source is much easier. Also, and arguably more importantly, we need to report by user so that when they leave a business we have a quick reference of which systems we need to access for user removal. We would configure Asset Types in this new Class on the following basis ‘System name – Access Level’ which avoids the requirement for any new fields and is easy to report on. The users with each access right would all be Shared Users.

3. Audit Trail of Shared Users. Linked to the above is it possible to report on when a Shared User was added to an Asset? Again this to satisfy our auditors to show on a certain day who had an Access Right to a particular system. This is far from perfect as it won't show when people were deleted but we can use Leaver Requests for that.

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