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Email Notification Settings

Frank Reay

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I'm confused - can someone please help! 

I am currently tidying up our email templates and settings (certainly not an enviable task!). The settings below seem to contradict each other. Each of the first 3 look to be 'twinned' with the second 3. So the first  says to send the template AnalystRequestMemberAddedNotification if a new Member is added (this template is directed to the request owner). But its twin entry says not to send ANY notification (incl mail) to the request owner. But in our system the owner does receive the template mail. So what is the purpose of the last 3 settings?


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Hi @Frank Reay

as you say, the first  group of settings just specify the email template to use IF an email notification is meant to be sent.

So, if the second setting says 'none' then the email should not be sent.

Can you please double check that the email sent is after a member is added to the request, or maybe the same template is used for some other action?

I will report this issue for verification.




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We have done more investigation and we have a Support Request which @Steve  is looking into as we seem to have 2 issues floating around.

We have this setting switched ON which seems to have rather odd effects!!!


From the above testing with Members this setting seems to drive this logic:

When above Members Notification system (eg guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.members and membersTeam) setting set to None - this makes the system take the user setting. So if the user wants emails they receive them despite the system setting saying None!

When above Members Notification system setting set to Both - this makes the system take the System setting. So the user's setting is irrelevant ie mails are forced on them.

However we seem to have a different issue with Analysts being notified via email of customer portal updates (Support Ticket raised and Steve was investigating). We have System and User settings all switched on and Analysts receives no email!!! However strangely Analysts receive email notifications from customer email updates (which also has System and User settings all switched on!!!).

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@ArmandoDM Is there any update on this please? We have triple checked our settings and they are set as screenshot above but we are still receiving email notifications!

Please note that our testing results are inconsistent with other notification types which do follow the expected logic.

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