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Is there a way to change the background of the search box but not all inputs in the system?


The way that we have it at the moment changes the input boxes to the same colour in the forms as well, I have tried playing around with the widget but to no avail.

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Further to this can you change the colour of the returned search box? as it blends in quite well to our colour scheme and sometimes it merges with the surrounding text too well!


Oh, and another thing I remembered with the 'link' to the form or Service in the search can this be made more obvious? Some of our users are going to struggle to find the little link box to go to the form etc.

Thanks in advance 

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Hi @Jeremy,

In our next build you will be able to specifically set the input style for that widget. It will be in the style tab of the widget config.

You wanted to change the background colour of the search box? That is not possible because the contents in that box have different colours, so it can make things look really bad or even hide some of the text if you for example choose the background to be the same colour as the FAQ text colour.

Regarding the 'link', do you mean the icon? image.png





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