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I'm sure that there will be others with this issue but is there a way to include more Domain pages along to top of the site?


As it looks a bit strange to have this 'more' option, also is there a way to reorder this list?

Another option is to have a link box with all of the pages in I suppose but trying to use the functionality of the site....other people will surely have more than 6 Domains/Companies?

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@Jeremy the more option and the drop down is a first step.   The challenge customers were having was that, depending on the number of domains they had, and the length of the names and the translations of these in different languages was causing display issues. 

* The more option provides a way to ensure all domains can be displayed. 

* The ability to set the ordering of the domains, and alternative display options for the domain names are on our to do list.   


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@Jeremy well one option to hide the Domain from the navigation menu is to Disable the domain in the domains configuration

* This will remove it from the navigation list

* You will still be able to access the domain page via the URL (get this from the URL bar before disabling  the domain)

Be aware that if a domain is marked as disabled, it will not appear in the drop down list of available domains, in the service view in the service portfolio in Service Manager, where you link your services to domains.  So you would need to link (map) your services to the required domains first, then disable the one's you don't want to appear in the navigation menu.   


As i say we are working on option to better display the domain names and allow re-ordering of the domains in the navigation menu.  

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@Jeremy How the links are displayed will become more consistent in an upcoming build and you'll see up to 7 before you see the More menu. When that menu does show, you'll see 6 links with the remaining in the drop down.

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Hi sorry to bring up an old topic, but as we are about to add another 3 domains to the Employee Portal we really need a better way of viewing these areas. This will take our domain count to 11 and there will be more incoming, maybe an option to have the domains as a left hand side collapsible widget to that the domains can be listed might work better for those customers that have many domains?

We have started to add these domain pages to the landing page in a widget to allow people to get to what they need quickly but real estate on the landing page is becoming a premium.

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