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Change board Card details

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I attempted to tailor the data shown within the Card details for a request raised as a Change, and showing on our CAB Board. However, when I followed the instructions the Tiles appeared almost blank / devoid of any data

The guide on the Wiki seems to indicate that to tailor the data shown the Application field should be Auto, so I tried this and it did not work correctly, then I tried Ignore. Both options did not display the data I was expecting to see. I want to show the Site the Change is for, along with the suggested Implementation date if possible - am I missing something in the config?

Many thanks


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Hi Nanette

Below is the config on the Card node in the BPM, along with how the item looks on the Change Board - as you can see in the second image the test request shows the amended Content I have inserted but all other values appear blank? The second change below the blank card item was run with the Application set to Hornbill Service Manager

Many thanks



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@Adrian Simpkins As far as I can see the first card is exactly as configured - you have given it "content" and nothing else - title, type, colour etc. are all blank.

Service Managers Boards were handled in a different way, but are deprecated and only available for backwards compatibility.

I would recommend reviewing the Board Manager documentation (including related articles) and posting back if you have any further questions after that.

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Hi All, sorry for the delay in my follow up to this!

So I am still trying to emulate how the standard card field displays, and have made some progress. However, I am unsure what I need to configure to replicate the ability to open the Card View within the Change Board. I have got the link to work to jump to the physical request, but there are some elements not showing on my tailored config. I would like to be able to still display the data shown circled in Red in my configured example:

Is there a way to retain the Link, owner, and request status whilst still displaying custom data in the Card?

Also, this new config is not showing the Card Progress in the request as the Application  is set to Auto - is it not showing the card progress in the Service Manager request as this is set to Auto? The request is moving through the lanes, but just not showing this in the Request when you view the Board App action node.

Many thanks




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