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no remove from board option


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Hi Guys - i dont seem to have the option to remove a ticket from a board, i also dont have a move lists option?


the only options i seem to get are type "add to board" (request), and task "add request to board"? unless im looking in the wrong place?






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Do you have the Board Manager app installed?
This offers a lot more functionality than the Service Manager Boards including being able to remove a request (card) from the board as part of the BPM
You would add the request using these settings (note the Application is Board Manager, not Service Manager)

and remove it as shown below

Note: You would need to review the documentation for details on Keys, Card IDs etc.

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@Gary@ADL From the screenshot that looks like a Service Manager board (the icon and buttons are different in Board Manager) you would need to create a new Board in Board Manager, and then update your Processes to access this new Board moving forward. Unfortunately Board Manager cannot interact with Service Manager Boards.

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