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BPM Error - Cannot Resolve Tickets - 1805/1838 Update


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Hi guys, 

@Hornbill Support Team @Victor @James Ainsworth

Sorry to pick you out directly but we have been dealing with this issue for a number of weeks now and cant get to the bottom of it. For some reason since the upgrade to build 1805 we are getting the below error message within our tickets. In terms of BPM a task is is assigned to a ticket which is then resolved which changes the status of the ticket, its at this point the error message is coming up. If I "restart the last step" it seems to then re-process this step without issue. We haven't made any BPM changes and have "re-published" just in case. 

This is taking up a lot of time each day as the only sys admin to restart the last step to clear the issue. Any advice welcome!


We have also got this error on 1 or 2 occasions 


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