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Assets, Validation to stop duplicates and addations to State and Operational State

Francis von Stein

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To enable effective asset management it's important there is a unique identifier. As the "Name" filed  is the main mandatory filed it will be used as our unique identifier field, holding asset tags. Server names, Database names etc. There is no validation on it or any other field. Can validation be enabled against the "Name" field so that no duplicate asset can be added 

It would also be good to have the following added to "State" and "Operational state"  so they are more reflective of an asset life-cycle. Then I can add the relevant sub states , Rather then having to use "Current" as Stock and "Active" as in use 


Sub State

On Order


In Stock

Available, Reserved, Defective, Pending repair, Pending install, Pending disposal, Pre-allocate

In Use 



Disposed, Donated, Vendor Credit


Lost, Stolen


Operational State








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@ArmandoDM  Thanks for replying. 

Can you please explain a bit more how that would work 

If I add a unique field to say, "Computers" will all assets entered under that class type get the same unique filed? meaning I could duplicate, or will that filed have validation behind it to stop that?  Or will it be a unique field for each individual  asset added under any class? 

In either of those cases as we will be importing/updating/adding attributes to assets in an automated process via discovery tools - would that them mean mapping the output to every asset to a unique filed for each class or individual asset? rather then a single consistent filed  like "Named"


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Hi @Francis von Stein

if you specify that a field must be unique, then you will be prevented from creating a new asset which would be a 'duplicate'. There will be validation. The validation should be per Asset Type.

However you try to import/add/update an asset, there will be a validation on the unique fields defined on each asset: if you try to add a duplicate, the action will fail.

Hope this makes sense?






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