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  1. Hi, I'm looking at creating automated Release requests but when running the job I get the following error. would appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks Francis
  2. Hi James. any update on when this will be coming? thanks Francis
  3. thanks Gerry. I've sent you a message.
  4. Morning. Hope you are well. We are looking at bringing our facilities Management into Hornbill. What is the possibility of getting a new Asset Class added, called Facilities?, where we would look to have their asset types, i.e. AC systems, Heating Pumps, Air conditioning etc . I don't have a break down yet of all attributes but similar to Computer Peripheral would be a good start thanks Francis
  5. Morning. Can I request that the Asset device ID filed have its character length increased from 16 to 60 characters, Many thanks Francis
  6. I can see they have been added to the Mobile class but not the Telecoms, Can we please get them added to telecoms? thanks Francis
  7. No problem Bob. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at it Cheers Francis
  8. Hi, I'm looking for help with creating a report listing users who do not have a specific asset types assigned/linked to them. eg all users without a smart phone assigned, any help would be appreciated, thanks Francis
  9. Morning. Is it possible to get an update on this? Many Thanks Francis
  10. Morning. Is it possible to get an update on this? Many Thanks Francis
  11. Morning. We are having an issue with the call from Web hooks. When a filed within the Asset form is blanked out. In this example its the cost code. the returned call from the Web hook does not include the record so we have no ability to then act on it. Is there a way we can capture what record has been amended? { "onEntityEvent": { "eventSource": "urn:webhook:entity:Asset:update", "callingSessionId": "U2020101422807095", "eventTime": "2020-10-15 17:53:28Z", "actionBy": "removed to not post email address", "actionByName": "Chris Anson", "entity": "Asset", "record": { "h_pk_asset_id": "173817", "h_last_updated": "2020-10-15 17:53:27", "h_last_updated_by": "removed to not post email address" } } } t
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