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Scheduled Reports not Running

Frank Reay

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We have reports which are scheduled to run at 6.00am each morning. They did not run today.

I have tried to do schedule Run Once in 5 mins time but again no success - the status changed from Running to Expired so it picked up the evnt.

However I have been able to run them by using the Run Now 'arrow'. We haven't changed anything so is this a system issue?


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Hi Frank,

I've not yet heard of other reports of this happening with other customers as of yet.  You may want to look at the logs in Admin under Home->System->Monitor->Monitor Log Files. In particular the Service Service log and see if there is anything that stands out.



I also noticed that you have a Support Plan with Hornbill.  If this persists you can raise an issue via http://www.hornbill.com/support



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Thanks James.

We found the cause. The person who set up the Report (and showed as the owner) has left the company and his user ID has been archived. As such the Scheduling did not run.

Resolution - an active user copied report and deleted the original. We could not see how to change the owner.

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@James Ainsworth

I had a similar problem, but with monthly reports which scheduled have failed. The fail happened after the reports owner user, that left the company, has been archived.

I've now copied the reports and I'm the owner but, just in case, I post here images of the reports definition and log, which gave a strange message the last time it has ran.

Any advice?



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