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Ticket Resolution Node is not auto updating timeline

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I have configured a workflow which basically automatically logs and close a ticket if the customer has 'self helped' themselves in the customer portal.  I have noticed that the resolution text which i have added in the BPM node is not updating the ticket timeline:

Here is my BPM:



This is the node which should update the ticket:




but when it resolves the ticket, the pre-defined text does not appear in either the ticket or SS portal




what am i doing wrong here?

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@David Longley You're not exactly doing anything wrong, you've just missed a step (well, two, technically)
The node you've used does exactly what it says - it updates the resolution text, but nothing else.
If, on your request, you were to open the resolution tab you would see the test you have specified already applied to the resolution text field.
To show that on the timeline you would need to insert a Get Request Details and an Update Timeline node after the Update Resolution Text node, allowing you to insert an update and use the Resolution variable to insert the text.


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