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Customer Domain Name - Service Portal


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We are soon going live with a new Hornbill instance and would like to have a customised domain name instead of the service.hornbill.com/instance_name URL. I have seen from legacy posts on the forum that there are some reverse proxy options but we wanted this to work when staff are accessing the service portal from devices not on the corporate network IE smartphone on 4g networks. 


Has anyone achieved this? Is this something Hornbill offer as the owner of the domain name or have people done some funky forwarding with CNAME records etc?

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We done this for the Customer Portal, using Apache Web Server proxy facilities, which is published externally. The key thing to note is that you will need multiple matching endpoints, i.e. service.xxxxxxxxxx/<instance_name> and api.xxxxxxxxxxx/<instance_name>

Let me know if you want any more info.



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