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Boards and Change calendar Colour


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@David_Wilson in regards to the the Boards Manager app cards (requests) it is not possible today, but we have a story to allow the setting of the colour of the card via the business process configurations (see the screen shot of how this will look) , so once this is updated you will be able to specify the colour of the card when adding this to a Board in Boards Manager , hopefully this will be available shortly.   


It isn't possible to change the colour of the change calendar entries, i am afraid. 

@nasimg in regards to the filter on the calendar are you referring to the person / group filter?  or a free text filter or both?



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@Steven Boardman I was only thinking about free text (but probably useful to be able to filter by person/group).

We have a change board (for CAB discussions) which shows all our changes (4 orgs), but we can easily filter on the relevant org.

It would be useful to have a similar option on the Calendar so staff search for changes in the this view.


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