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  1. We've got a requirement for a team to be able to handle their incomming emails and requests securly as they contain sensative infomration. Does anyone have experience in the best way to secure this info for the team to prevent other support teams accessing it? Is it a seprate instance or is there a way to lock down certain calls / requests lists?
  2. We're looking at starting to use problem requests to help better manage root causes and provide better information to our support teams. Can any one offer any advice on a couple of scenarios: 1: A problem record is raised against a given service -How do you inform the support teams that there is a known problem, can it be displayed when the call is being raised or even once its been raised? 2: Can you move a ticket to a different lane on a board when a work around has been added to the problem record? Any help gratefully received
  3. I'm sure this has been asked before but is it possible to create a report and have it emailed to specific recipients based on a schedule?
  4. Very exciting development and something we'd really be interested in. If we could also be included in the early adopters that would be excellent. Many thanks David
  5. Review of he actual request, simply put if its some one reporting fault its an incident if they're asking for something its a service request.
  6. Is it possible to select the associated service once ticket has been logged?
  7. nothing i can think of, all request drop into the one mailbox
  8. We're looking at automating the logging of all emails into Service Manager. We only publish one support email address so so currently the analysts manually raise an incident or a service request at the point of receiving the email. The Routing Rule Templates has request type as mandatory, so request must either be an Incident or a Service request if the rule is applied. Can anyone advise a solution that allows all email to be automated but distinguish between the two request types?
  9. I'd like to highlight changes from different teams. Is it possible to change the color of cards and change calendar entries from a business process?
  10. I'm trying to add change onto a Board I've created (called Change Board) but the board is not showing up in the list when trying to get the BPM node to add it? Has anyone else had this issue?
  11. I also tried changing the ProgCap to overwrite the custom fields 21 and 22 with date/time value instead of using h_start_time and h_end_time but this didn't work.
  12. The user didnt exist for that email so it couldn't log the call Thanks Victor
  13. Probably something really straight forward but I cant get an email routing rule to fire when an email is received from a specific address? The rule should pick up anything from a specific address then raise a new ticket in a specific call queue. The only rules before it are looking for call ref in the subject and message body using REGEX_MATCH(body, '.*\b[a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8}\b.*') so i don't think its those getting in the way? Am i missing something simple?
  14. Thanks Steve, Think I'm on the right path but still not quite getting it to land in the change Calendar I've injected the start and end dates: This is the full variable: h_start_time&[functions.pcf("frm_ChangeImplementationTime","h_start_time")] Any help gratefully received.
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