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Error when trying to add Users to Roles

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Hi All

We now have our licences (yay) so I have been merrily adding Users to relevant Roles all day. I was working through the Roles alphabetically with no issues at all, and got to the Super User Role and I noted this was granted to a number of users including myself so I removed this from the associated accounts.

However, since removing this I am now having problems trying to add Users to Roles, and I have been unable to re-add the Super User role either with my normal logon, or using the Admin logon to try and complete adding Users to the required Roles.

So I wanted to ask if there would be a reason why I am now getting the error (my main logon has admin role associated to it along with a number of other admin related roles) - I thought the Super User Role was for use only in extreme circumstances, hence my removing it from about 8 User profiles. Also, how can I add this role if the main admin logon doesn't let me add it?

As an example, when I try to add one of our mailboxes using the Admin logon I get the below error:


Then if I try to assign Super User Role I get this error:


Many thanks !


admin error 2.png

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You can only add the Superuser Role from an account that already has the Superuser Role.
If you have an account that still has this Role you can log in with that account and assign the Superuser Role to the Admin account (and then remove it from all other accounts)~
If not you'll need to raise a Request with Cloud Support directly.

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Hi Adrian,

Definitely, removing the Super User role from users is the right thing to do.

Something else to consider is that you may have the Admin Role, but you may still need to add yourself to management type roles for the different apps that you want to manage.  However, I don't think this is the case with Timesheet manager as it only has the one role.

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Hi Steve / James

Thanks for the above, I think I was over enthusiastic about who had Super User role and now none of us have it, so I have raised this to the Support team to get it added back to the admin role

Many thanks for the pointers as always !

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