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Time Stamps on Timeline Entries


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I've been asked by one of our Service Desk analysts if the time stamp on a timeline entry can be amended, so that it shows the date/time that the entry was added rather than 'an hour ago' (as below). They cannot always get an accurate time that something was completed. Is this something that we're able to change?




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We have this request every so often from some of our analyst, who would prefer to see the time by default. At the moment we just remind them that they can hover over them to see the exact timestamp. 

Also if they are wanting to make reference to numerous updates by time, we advise them to use the print option and use the preview which shows all the timeline entries as actual timestamp.

Everyone works differently so I suppose that Hornbill could implement an option which is retained on the personal preference to have the current format or timestamp format displayed on the timeline.



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