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Remove reason box

Aaron Summers

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One of my colleague raised this interesting request few days ago. He asking for the reason box when use substatus of the request to be remove, because the substatus should be clear of what it means without need to add reason on it. Also he mentioned that if necessary to add information then he would use comment box instead of reason box for update.

(Please see example below).

I wonder if there is possible to add new ability to turn on or off for each individually of substatus if need to keep reason box.

Aaron :ph34r:

cc: @samwoo

on leave.PNG

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As of the Service Manager update build 1727 a new option on the sub-states allows you to enable or disable the 'Reason' box for each individual sub-state.

Here we see the option on the Service specific sub-states.


This can also be configured on Global sub-states


Hope this helps.



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