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Change the owner of a dashboard, widget or report


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Hi @HGrigsby

The owner really just represents the name of the person that created the chart, widget, and dashboard.  While an admin user can't change who created the chart, widget, or dashboard, if there are any restrictions under the access of a dashboard, this can be changed by the admin user.  As long as the Access has not been set, any other user with the Service Desk Admin role will be able to see and manage these.

For the admin user to have access to the Service Manager analytics, they may need to grant themselves the role of Service Desk Admin while performing this.  

There is also the option of using the "Save As" feature to create a copy of the chart, widget, or dashboard, which will then show the owner of the new report as the person that saved the copy.  

I hope this helps.



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hi @James Ainsworth   Just to add to this we did discover that the scheduled reports stopped running when we suspended the user's account, as a workaround I have un-suspended the account and the scheduled reports have started running again.

I am wondering if it would be better to set up a user to handle the ownership of documents, libraries, reports and snippets




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