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Raising Requests from Assets


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We are looking at raising requests directly from assets. Within a request in Service Manager, you're able to raise a linked request using the "Raise Linked Request" button within the "Link" tab. I cannot see that there is a similar option when viewing an asset - are you able to confirm please?

Whilst looking into the above, we looked at the use of custom buttons and the iBridge function in particular. We could only locate "Log Incident" or "Log Service Request" under "Log New Request" - are there any plans to add Change or Release to this list?



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Hi @Lauren

Thanks for your post. 

Including the ''Raised Linked Request'' option that you see on the Link Action of a request to an Asset is a good idea. I have raised a change and this will be considered as an approach to achieve this.  I'll post back here once it is closer to being worked on.

Regarding the custom buttons and the use of the iBridge integration for raising requests, this operation is likely to be changed on how it works. The primary purpose of the iBridge is to work with external systems. In this case, the iBridge for log incident and log service request will be directed more at raising requests in a different Hornbill instance and not within the same instance.   The solution for you will be to have the above mentioned change .



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