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OnHold Sub status


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I would like to measure, main reason for ticket being on-hold. For that I need to report on onhold Status.

Using  Sub.status.text field from h_itsm_request I am getting some, not all.  I have two questions:

1. If a ticket has been put onHold more than once, will all Onhold sub-status be recorded  in the database, if yes, where?

2. When a ticket is put onHold by BPM no sub-status is recorded, how can we fix this?





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Hi @Joyce

All timeline entries for a request are written to the h_buzz_activities table, and you can join this and the h_itsm_requests table to get the timeline entries for specific requests. 

You can see from the example below, the information contained in the timeline entry includes text showing the sub-status change from and too, and also the reason, and it is marked as type Hold so you may want to create a report which looks at all updates of type Hold from the above table and then you will be able to see the info.  I am not sure we have anything else in terms of a table containing just the sub-status changes i'm afraid.  


You will need to join the tables on the request id and CONCAT the value to match the format of the request id held in the h_buz_activities table - below is another thread where this is explained a bit more.

Once you have the report returning results, the three columns which maybe of interest are:

h_type - the type of update - Hold, Update, System etc - you may want to filter on Hold

h_content - the text of the update

h_title - title of update

in regards to the bpm options not putting the request into a specific su-status, do you know which options you are using?

If you are using the Update Request > Place on Hold there is an option to specify a sub-status, and you would also want to change System Timeline Update to Yes so you have something to report against.


The same options exist under the Update Request > Status. 

Hopefully these two operations will allow you to record the sub-status when set by the  business process



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Hi Joyce,

I just wanted to let you know that as part of the Service Manager build 1929 the Timeline entry has been added when the sub-status is changed by the BPM.  It now matches the Timeline entry when the sub-status is manually changed.

I hope this helps.



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