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  1. Hi Steve, Thank you for this. I saw the field as soon as i did this post. Regards, Joyce
  2. Hi, I need to create a report for active, 'onhold' tickets, with the current 'onhold sub-status'. I have join Request table with h_buz_activities and h_sys_accounts ( As I also require customer account division which is recorded on customer profile). With the Buz activities table, as a ticket can be onhold multiple time, I am getting multiple details for one ticket. How can I filter to show distinct request ID details, with the last 'Onhold sub-status'? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  3. Apologies, found the reason for this.
  4. Hi, On a previous created and run report, the table seems to have disappear, hence available columns are not showing. Please see screen shorts below. How can we fix this? I can't re-add the table, as it is there , but just not displaying: Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  5. Hi, I need a report where we can review how long it take for an analyst to respond to a ticket after a customer has put an update. So have time since last ' analyst ' update as a filter. I have join Request and h_buzz_activities tables, but I can't find a column to filter ' last update by who' Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  6. Yes @Deen the issue was caused because the report was hitting record limit. I have reduce the reporting period, and it worked. Thanks. Joyce
  7. This is not a new report, it was working fine before
  8. report-onhold.report.txt
  9. Hi, My reports doesn't have any data in them. When I check preview, there some data, but when I run a report with CSV outcome, no data appears. Two of my reports are affected ( haven't check others). Please investigate. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  10. Thanks @James Ainsworth Entity Viewer has been very useful. Regards, Joyce
  11. Hi, I need to create a report with the following fields from the front end of asset management: Name State Substate Type Used By Owned By Date Created Model Serial Number from which table can I get state and Substate?, and how can I link them with CMDB computer Asset table? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  12. Hi, On BPM i have not set any duration for a task to expire, but when a task is created, it seems to automatically set to expire in 3 days. How do I stop the task from expiring, as I have not set option to what happen when it expire ( I don't want the task to expire, only need due date as a reminder to assignee)
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