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  1. HI, I have manage to get the tables. I have join Request table, with h_buz_activity_streams and h_buz_activity. Now the problem is I am getting multiple rows, for multiple onhold update. The only different is the date and time the update are published. How can I filter for only the latest update to show? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  2. @Gemma Morrison out of curiosity, does all your request which have been on hold during the ticket lifecycle, shows the total onhold time? This is not the case with our report ( some have the time, and some don't) just wanted to check if it is only happening in our Instance. Apologies I don't have answer for your question above. Thanks. Joyce
  3. Hi, I am trying to pull the reason from 'Onhold status' is this recorded in any table? I will need to filter for the last onhold reason ( only if the ticket is still onhold). What is the best way to get this information? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  4. Hi James, Yes, I am using the old service manager board, and was hopping to download the list in CSV format. The problem I have for reporting, is to do with which task is currently waiting on the ticket ( I am moving the ticket on different list depending with the task on BPM), hence a reporting is a bit more tricky. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  5. Hi, Is it possible to download request list from a board ? we have CAB board, and I need to get the list waiting for 'Change plan' stage, is this possible? Thanks Regards, Joyce
  6. Hi Steve, Thank you for this. I saw the field as soon as i did this post. Regards, Joyce
  7. Hi, I need to create a report for active, 'onhold' tickets, with the current 'onhold sub-status'. I have join Request table with h_buz_activities and h_sys_accounts ( As I also require customer account division which is recorded on customer profile). With the Buz activities table, as a ticket can be onhold multiple time, I am getting multiple details for one ticket. How can I filter to show distinct request ID details, with the last 'Onhold sub-status'? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  8. Apologies, found the reason for this.
  9. Hi, On a previous created and run report, the table seems to have disappear, hence available columns are not showing. Please see screen shorts below. How can we fix this? I can't re-add the table, as it is there , but just not displaying: Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  10. Hi, I need a report where we can review how long it take for an analyst to respond to a ticket after a customer has put an update. So have time since last ' analyst ' update as a filter. I have join Request and h_buzz_activities tables, but I can't find a column to filter ' last update by who' Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  11. Yes @Deen the issue was caused because the report was hitting record limit. I have reduce the reporting period, and it worked. Thanks. Joyce
  12. This is not a new report, it was working fine before
  13. report-onhold.report.txt
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