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  1. Error message: 'chart type not supported'' Before starting to try to load, then it is' Loading charts please wait'
  2. Hi, We are getting an error when try to view dashboards or Widget charts? Keep loading 'loading charts please wait' Can someone look into this ASAP please? Thanks. Joyce
  3. Report Failed to run

    Yes, it is working again. Thanks @TrevorKillick
  4. Report Failed to run

    It is affecting all our users
  5. Report Failed to run

    @Bob Dickinson
  6. Hi, I was just wondering if there is a problem with running reports? All my reports are failing to run, although I can pre-view the data. Thanks. Joyce
  7. HI Steve,

    I have reduce the size of report, but now, I am getting an empty table?

  8. Error in downloading Report

    My script doesn't have a 'Run ID', where can I get that? is it the same as report ID?
  9. Error in downloading Report

    my report is not that big. it takes 2 seconds to run, so it should not time out.
  10. Error in downloading Report

    my report has about 10000 records, I can easily download it to my desktop etc, I just cannot connect to it via Power BI. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  11. Error in downloading Report

    @TrevorKillick It just take too long to connect, could be because my report is too big. Is there as limitation on number of record in a report, which can be integrated in Power BI from SM? Regards, Joyce
  12. Error in downloading Report

    Hi @TrevorKillick, Will connection to the report through Power BI be affected? I am trying to connect from Power Bi to Service manager reports, using 'R Script', and it seems to be taking a very longtime, then get timed out. Thanks. Regards Joyce
  13. Error in downloading Report

    Thanks @TrevorKillick, I can now download the reports.
  14. Hi I am getting HTTP error 500' when I try to download/open a report. I have full 'Advance report Admin Role' on my profile, and was able to create, run and download before. Please advise how I can solve this issue.