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  1. Joyce

    FAQ Published by

    Thanks for the update @James Ainsworth. This will be useful when reviewing the quality of our FAQs. Regards, Joyce
  2. Joyce

    Request total on-hold time

    Hi @James Ainsworth , I would like to officially request for a change, to calculate 'Request.Total.Onhold.Time' for a ticket even if it was closed while still onhold. As we have more than 200 BPM which close tickets automatically, we should rather not spend time changing all these BPMs. Please advise if this is possible, and the time scale for this change to be implemented. Thanks. Kind Regards, Joyce
  3. Joyce

    Exporting Asset View to CSV file

    Thanks @Victor. Didn't think was that easy. I was trying to join tables Still it will be nice if we can export from Asset view, or be able to create various view, like on request. Has this been requested? Regards, Joyce
  4. Hi, How can I export the Asset view, from Asset Manager, to a csv file? If this is not possible where/which table is this view pulling from: Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  5. Joyce

    Request total on-hold time

    @Paul Alexander this is my thread. Feel free to comment
  6. Joyce

    Request total on-hold time

    @Victor Thank you for this. Our Hornbill Support analyst will not like me, when I have to ask for the changes on the BPMs. Is there any other way of getting the total Onhold ( maybe a back end code on resolution node to take ticket offhold during resolution)? we have a lot of BPM which closed automatically. Regards, Joyce
  7. Joyce

    Request total on-hold time

    This is just one of the process. We have a few process, which get resolved autocratically by tasks.
  8. Joyce

    Request total on-hold time

    I have send you the BPM Definition file
  9. Joyce

    Request total on-hold time

    Hi Victor, Yes I think so, they get resolved automatically by completing the last task. This could be done while onhold. So will this be the reason why the field is not populated? Regards, Joyce
  10. Hi, Does Request.Total.Onhold.Time field on table h_itsm_requests contain the total seconds that a request has been placed on Hold? If so, why are some of our request which has been placed on hold, have no value on this field? If it isn't is there another field which record the total duration a ticket has been on hold so far? All the above ticket have been resolved, so i was expecting to see values on total onhold time. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  11. Joyce

    Report on Project Task update/comments

    Thanks @Victor I have raise a ticket for it. Regards, Joyce
  12. Joyce

    Report on Project Task update/comments

    Hi Alex, I am uploading my report definition. Please review. For the specific filtered task, I have add comments on them on the inteface. One of the comments says; Testing for my report. where is this field?" as per the screenshot. Please advise how do I retrieve this comment on my report Project Task report.txt
  13. Joyce

    Report on Project Task update/comments

    Hi Alex, I have join table h_buz_activities , and use h_buz_activities>Content Preview , but the details are from the overall project update and Not specific Task in a project. Then I have join h_buz_comments, but all the field I could think of which might have the 'Comments' are empty ( ei, h_buz_comments->Comment) this field is empty. Which field has the actual 'comments' from individual tasks, from those two tables? h_sys_tasks->Outcome Answers, and h_sys_tasks->Task Answers are also empty Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  14. Hi, Where ( in which table and field) are comments for project task recorded? Sys_Task outcome answer or Sys_task answer:P Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  15. any update/ help please?