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  1. Hi, Is it possible to view/ access change calendar from the request ? Ideally, we want when someone is scheduling a change (by clicking the calendar button on the action buttons on the top of a request) , to be able to open the change calendar, and add the change on it, rather than selecting date. This will help for visibility of other changes which are already schedulled. Also, we would like to be able to edit the calendar by adding planned maintenance schedule, and change freeze dates. These are pre-agreed with the business 6 month in advance so they don't need a request, but need to be added to the change calendar. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  2. Joyce

    Widget not providing data

    Just changed my resolved date interval to : DATE(h_fixby) BETWEEN DATE(NOW()) AND DATE(NOW() +INTERVAL 2 DAY) and it worked. Thanks. Joyce
  3. Joyce

    Widget not providing data

    Hi Victor, Managed to get the data I wanted finally. I had to put date interval, as noticed, it was only giving data upto end of the month. This query can be closed now. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  4. Hi, I had created widgets to display tickets which are about to breach in 2 days' time. I had both the list of tickets , and count of ticket. This was working perfectly until today, where no value is displayed, but we do have tickets which are about to breach. This is the sql I have for the list of SR: SELECT h_pk_reference as "Reference" , h_summary, h_ownername as "Owner", h_fixby as "Resolve By" FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_requesttype = 'service request' AND DATE(h_fixby) BETWEEN DATE (CURDATE()) AND (CURDATE() +2) AND h_fk_team_name ='Application Support' AND (h_status = "status.new" OR h_status = "status.open") And this is the query for count: this brings 0 data, while when looking at the application, there values due to breach in two days time
  5. Joyce

    FAQ Published by

    Thanks for letting me know
  6. Joyce

    FAQ Published by

  7. Joyce

    FAQ Published by

    Hi, Which table and column can I get the name/ user ID of a person who publish/ create an FAQ. We are following up on our FAQ feedback from users. We need to know who created them in case they need to be changed/ improved. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  8. Thanks for a quick communication and update
  9. Hi Victor, Would you happen to know exactly when it went down? I only noticed it 10min ago. How long would it have been down for?
  10. Thanks Victor. Seems to be back now, it is probably Intermittent.
  11. Hi we are having an outage, we can not connect to Hornbill . This is the error we are getting: Please Advise
  12. Joyce

    Change Calendar details

    This could be James. How can we aligned the two date together to london gmt
  13. Joyce

    Change Calendar details

    Hi James, The change progressive capture, has a form with a field to put 'propose change date'. This is recorded in one of the custom field in request table (Custom O). Once a change is created and have been approve, then it get scheduled in the change calendar (Calendar icon on the request window). Now this can change, depending with when the change is actually going to happen. I am looking for the record for this calendar date. Need to see the last date when the ticket is resolved. The discrepancy between what is in a ticket on the schedule calendar and what value is recorded in h_itsm_changerequest table is huge. Eg one of the change request has Change scheduled between 2018-04-19 20:00:00 and 2018-04-19 20:00:05 and the value on the changerequest table is : 17 April 2018
  14. Joyce

    Change Calendar details

    Hi, Which table can I get, the schedule date for change calendar? I am trying to create report for percentage of changes completed as planned. So I need to compare, the date put in when the change was logged, and the date on the calendar. The date on h_itsm_changerequest table field Start time-end time, doesn't seems to correspond with change calendar. Thanks. Joyce