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  1. Hi, On BPM i have not set any duration for a task to expire, but when a task is created, it seems to automatically set to expire in 3 days. How do I stop the task from expiring, as I have not set option to what happen when it expire ( I don't want the task to expire, only need due date as a reminder to assignee)
  2. Great @Steven Boardman, this is a good start. Regards, Joyce
  3. Good Morning, How can we check who change/ edit a report and when ( not who run it)? Thanks. Joyce
  4. @Steven Boardman any assistance? Thanks
  5. Hi @Steven Boardman We have set the BPM accordingly , but the sub status doesn't seems to be recorded
  6. Hi, I would like to measure, main reason for ticket being on-hold. For that I need to report on onhold Status. Using Sub.status.text field from h_itsm_request I am getting some, not all. I have two questions: 1. If a ticket has been put onHold more than once, will all Onhold sub-status be recorded in the database, if yes, where? 2. When a ticket is put onHold by BPM no sub-status is recorded, how can we fix this? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  7. Great thanks @James Ainsworth
  8. Hi James, I just want a basic use of the calendar, like the way we use on phone for example, be able to click on the date, and add an event ( planned maintenance), so when someone is scheduling another change, can see the change/ maintenance window already there. I don't want to use freeze date, as that prevent scheduling of any other change. So something similar to freeze dates, but users can still schedule things with it. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  9. Thanks for the update @James Ainsworth Looking forward to the change . Regards, Joyce
  10. Hi, I am aware there is an ongoing change for improving Change Calendar. I would like to know what is the scope for this. We have pre-schedule maintenance date, which we agree with the business 6 month in advance. I would like a way to add these dates to the change calendar without login a ticket, so that when other people are planning changes, they can see these on the calendar hence either avoid the dates, or combine there changes with schedule maintenance. The dates are every other week, either on Thursday or over the weekend. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
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