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  1. Hi, We have notice on report history, previous reports from before 2020 are no longer available. Are previous years report copies removed from report history? if so if we require a copy of previous run report how can they be accessible? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  2. Hi Alex, Ok thank you for your prompt reply. Regards, Joyce
  3. Hi, How is the value Overall Project Risk Weighting on project view page calculated? is this value stored in the database? if so which table and which column? We need to add it on our PowerBi report. Thanks. Joyce
  4. I have manage to fix the current BPM by adding the brunch ( Second time try). Why is the BPM setting expire date even though it is not specified on the task settings? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  5. Hi, I have not set task expire date on BPM but for some reasons the system seems to set expire date when a human task is created. This is affecting the ticket, as if the task ( which is approval) is not completed in time, the BPM failed ( I have not set option to brunch out when task expires as didn't expect for it to expire);; How can I stop the task from setting expiry date? as I don't want it to expire. Now the BPM is broke, how can I fix it ( tried to add brunch for expire but didn't work). Thanks. Regards. Joyce
  6. Thanks. This has been resolved, there were discrepancy on the data. Regards, Joyce
  7. Thanks for this, but the result doesn't still bring all the email address from h_sys_Account
  8. Hi @ArmandoDM, Can you assist with the query for joining h_sys_accounts using h_user_id and CMDB Assets Trimming the URN from the h_used_by? I am trying Trim function but, is not working. I do remember a previous report where similar query was used, but I can't find the details for it. Thanks Joyce
  9. h_cmdb_assets_users doesn't seems to have any data
  10. Hi @ArmandoDM Join of h_cmdb_assets , h_cmdb_assets_users ( left Join using Asset ID) and h_sys_accounts. ( left join with h_cmdb_assets_users using User ID), does not return any value from h_sys_accounts table. The results, only have a list of assets_Name. How else can I join these tables to get users' email address as well as Asset name and Tag? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  11. Hi, I am trying to get a report of users of various software, but retrive their email address instead of user name/ user ID. I have join table CMDB Assets and h_sys_accounts to obtain users' email address, but I only get half of the email address, although every user has their email when look from: https://admin.hornbill.com/Inst/accounts/users Where does the info on https://admin.hornbill.com/inst/accounts/users come from? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  12. Hi @Bob Dickinson This does make sense, and I did suspect might be the reason for zero values. I will try your suggestion, and see ho it goes. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  13. Hi @Deen Any suggestions? Thanks. Joyce
  14. Hi Dean, The team name has not change since the beginning. My suspicion is on the cut off point for data which can be accessed from 'Measures'. When re-sampling measure data, it only goes as back as 01st Jan 2019 .
  15. Hi, I am trying to create a measure to count amount of tickets opened per month for various years (2017, 2018, 2019) to compare the growth in demand. When I set a measure as follows, for 2017- no data can be found. Are previous data not available on the application for dashboard purposes? If I change the dates for 2019, I can the values as expected:
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