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Authorisation Emails and Wiki Markup


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Hi all,

We've come across some limitations when sending authorisation tasks via email.

We use the TaskAuthoriserNotification template for a number of different authorisation scenarios, so it has to be quite generic. However, we do want to pull in the 'Authorisation Details' in a formatted fashion. This is because the authorisation task notifications will be emailed to senior managers.

When using wiki markup in the 'Authorisation Details' of the Authorisation node, the formatting works fine when viewed within the internal Hornbill tasks, however when the email is sent for authorisation the markup isn't formatted/recognised and just gets sent exactly as it is. Is there a way for the wiki markup to be rendered within the authorisation email prior to departure? Or any plan to include this functionality in a future Hornbill release? We're currently using Service Manager Build: 1408



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Hi @RobD ,

You can use basic wiki markup in the authorisation details, but you need to change the modifier in the email template to wiki:


Currently, only basic formatting (Bold, Italic, Ordered & Unordered lists) are supported. Please see the Variables > Modifiers section of the email templates wiki page for more information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Templates



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