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Resolution Emails not working as designed


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So we are experiencing this issue, when we log jobs we have the option to Log & Resolve there the analyst types the resolution the business process then sends this to the customer and resolves the job. However, the process is picking up the below resolution text (The request has been resolved by the Business Process Engine) that has not been set by us and is being picked up from somewhere, does anyone know where this text is held?



On 99% of requests logged like this, the text that is entered when logging is sent to the customer. In my example below this is what the analyst has typed and the above was sent when it should have been this:


I can't find a logical reason that this is not working as designed. Below is an excerpt from the BPM Resolution Text node:


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@Jeremy - right, so I think I found why you get that resolution text... is the "Change Status to Resolve" node which puts that text in the resolution... on top of my head, a simple solution would be to switch some nodes in there so you will have the resolution you want...


So, because the "Change Status to Resolve" node overwrites or sets a resolution text, move this node right after the decision. Then move the "Update Resolution Text" (and "Add Closure Category" node but this is optional) after the "Change Status to Resolve". If you do it this way then what will happen is that the request gets resolved and the resolution text set to that default text, then you will overwrite the resolution with what needs to be in the resolution actually... then you will have the resolution you want and the resolution email will have the content you want... give it a try, let me know how it works...

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I have tried this and we are still experiencing this issue, maybe a little worse in fact as it seems to be happening more but has the following:


In the main body of the email, I have added a suspend for 2 minutes node to see if that helps the request settle before carrying on.

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