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Progressive capture and business processes

Gareth Watkins

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We're currently running version 1394, awaiting update to 1401, and have noticed an issue when trying to amend progressive capture and business processes.

- The hornbill training videos advise that hovering above a node will display arrows that allow the user to create another box or arrow in the process, however these arrows are not displaying to allow me to do that.

I have checked the roles assigned to me, as mentioned in the training video, and can confirm I am a business process manager, progressive capture manager and have the admin role but it still doesn't work.

Am I doing something obviously wrong, could it be down to the version we are running (for which the fix is in the update to 1401), or is it a new error?

Please help as I'm hoping to put in some changes to our current processes and cannot until this is solved.





Prog capt.png

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