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Hi Guys,


just wondering if it was possible to script an asset scan/upload in hornbill at all ? just trying to find a quicker/simplier way to get our assets uploaded and listed rather than having a manual entry, or having to do a mass upload every X period..


is it possible to do a script to scan an AD OU for anything "new" and interogate the WMI Data to fill in the required fields before upload into Hornbill ?


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Hi @GrahamWSH

Thanks for your post.

We do have an Asset Import which is documented here.

This allows for imports from other database sources or CSV files.  It can also be scheduled to run as often as you like.  This will add new assets and update existing.

Let us know if this is what you are looking for.





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Thanks James.


another idea i had was creating an Asset as part of a call..


We have a "New Server" request process in Hornbill which asks questions about a new server build, is it possible that the data entered could be used to build the server, so that a server is requested, and the asset is built at that stage ? obviously if the build request is denied we will need to delete the asset, but that can be part of the process ?


is this possible ??

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On 1/17/2019 at 10:10 AM, samwoo said:

I cant remember if this was something that came up before and is on the roadmap

Hi @samwoo

Some asset automation using BPM workflow is not something that has come up a lot in the past but as the BPM Operations expand and iBridge operations are built it would be a great ability to provide.

Another discussion on this top can be see here...

This change is in our backlog and I'll update this post with any updates of progress



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